The Best Friends

There were two best friends named as Ryan and Frank, they became part of each others life without their conscience in a short period. It all begins here, in a deep down thick green forest, all animals and trees were waiting for the first spell of rain from the heaven, after being through a terrible summer. Nevertheless, birds were making chirping sounds, monkeys were jumping from one tree and doing mischievous activities by hitting other animals with stones, snakes were crawling on the tress and so on land. Among all these lies frank, who actually doesn't need water to survive as much as other plants do since, he was a shimmer. He was unique from others and had a very good life but he wasn't aware of rest of the world and there were only canards that used to circulate in the forest. All were having their daily activities and slowly all began to feel the cool breeze.

The sun was bright enough but intensity of light started declining as clouds were covering, wind became fierce and dust was shattered across the sky. The dark clouds turned mid afternoon into late night followed by lighting and thunders. The sound of thunders were so intense that lions got intimidated and took shelter in their caves. The moment arrived lastly, first shower drizzled all over the forest, refreshing the trees, animals and minuscule creatures. They are millions millions of rain drops, each of them had a name, before rain these had a farewell because they knew they will be back on different cloud next time.

Among millions ryan was one, he fell on the frank's leaf at a blistering way, which made him to woke up from asleep. Frank gave a look at the drop, then rain drop introduces himself as ryan. I haven't seeing this type of plant anywhere so, its my pleasure to meet you. Frank asked "How u feel about yourself", ryan laughed "I feel very lucky because I can reach sky as well as get assimilate in the soil. I can enjoy entirely two different worlds. On one side, rain was decelerating its pace. Ryan shared his journey of life with frank. He added at times, I use to travel across farms in small valleys and reach pinnacle of mountains and conversation went on between these two for a long time. Ryan started sliding on the leaves and performing gymnastics, by seeing this frank laughed. The dusk was approaching and the place was getting dark, they enjoyed the night.

Few days later, few creatures who were shabby warned all of them in the forest. Ryan said "I assure that these creatures will not be seen again". The next day ryan called up his peers who were his friends on the cloud and shared about the ambush. The terrifying moment arrived since those were approaching in large numbers. The instant they tried to attack, ryan accompanied with his friends in the form of flood, creatures were appalled by seeing huge stream of water and tried to save themselves but unfortunately they got washed away. In the mean while, sunlight was piercing through dark clouds, eradicating the darkness and enlightening the forest. Ryan said its time to say good bye. He told, we can't change the nature course, but you will be in my heart till the day I die. In this way, in short span of time these two became part of their hearts.

What I believe is in order to become best friends hearts are the one that has to be connected, it has nothing to do with the time.. 


A Magic Ring

In ancient times there was a village, where a priest used to worship Lord Shiva and being blessed with divine powers to do good deeds. He helped villagers who are in need with his powers, because of him villagers and village were happy.  At the same time, there was a cave on the top of mountains covered with snow in the village, where a wizard used to perform necromancy and his powers were outmatched. One day, he heard about the priest and his greatness, he decided to wipe out him from this world. And sketched a plot to steal his powers and kill him by performing voodoo, the priest had a power to foresee the future and understood his plan. He knew that his powers can't withstand before his black magic but, there was a way to deal with wizard, it was the sacrifice of his life and transfer powers to any material. He actually made a ring, such that his powers can be assimilated into ring after his death. Finally, priest and wizard faced each other, it was the fiercest battle in history, both of the them lost their lives and the priest powers were channelize into the ring.

There was a huge flood in the village, everything was washed away even the ring, it traveled along the stream. Lastly, reached the vast ocean and wandering here and there under the water because of currents and got settled in a shell. It was monsoon season, due to high and strong tides the shell came ashore, the sand has covered the shell as days passed on. One day, a boy was strolling in a beach and he had a dream, it was to foresee future and he actually know that it can't be fulfilled at any cost. He enjoyed the chirping sound of birds, sound of waves hitting the rocks and beautiful sunset, he saw the kid's building a castle using sand and buckets they have, so he also started doing the same castle which they were doing, when he was accumulating the sand, he found a shell which was quite unique from other one's. He opened the shell and there was the magic ring in it. He rejoiced by looking at it and took into his hands and wore to his finger, started looking at it meticulously. He din't knew about the power which the ring had. When he reaches home, he feels exhausted and fell asleep soon.

In the late night, he gets a dream about the village and priest, priest elucidate regarding the power which the ring possess. He says, you can foresee the future and change it but, your life span decrease as you use the power, even though if it's for a good or bad cause. He suddenly woke up and noticed the ring was shinning brightly. The next day, he had a power to change the future and he knew that he has to use it wisely. He began to travel to different places and became affluent with the power he had but, he noticed poor people distress and their miserable living conditions while he was travelling. The people were suffering from dangerous diseases, huge debts and din't knew about opulent life, by seeing all this, his heart began to melt and he thought for a while and utilize the power despite the cost of his life. As months passed on, he was left with few days to live on earth, he changed lives of many people who are in need and he wasn't sad that his life span was about to finish but, he was glad that he contributed his life for a good cause and he had alot of blessings from the bottom of heart from the people he served. The time has descended to leave the world, he saw the spirit of the priest and said I'm ready but, priest said in a polite voice ,"I'm not here to take you but, to prolong your life span". He baffled by hearing, he replied, "why my life span is being prolonged ?" priest sighed and said "you have employed the power for a good cause and din't care about your life" I'm delighted and vanished abruptly. He continued to do good deeds for the rest of his life.

The magic ring had changed the lives of many people, since it fell into the hands of good person, but imagine what if it falls into the hands of evil person. Now a days, we can't find magic ring, but a person has ability to change the fate of the people.


One Among Million

Once upon a time, there was a boy who used to sit on a bench in a gloomy park and belittle himself for not having a friend who is a girl. He was a nerd and incapable to talk to girls, he used to ponder in what he lack by glaring at the stars in the sky every night. Days passed on but, he was still the same  and there was no single day without tears in his eyes. One day, he was at the park, all of sudden a cloud of mist started surrounding the place and he heard a sound of an anklet approaching him in a dramatic manner, his senses were alerted by hearing sound which was getting intense. At that point, he felt something weird which he din't felt earlier, his heart began pounding faster and started tracing sound, he din't care about the dense fog which was around him nor about the path he was going. He was curious to know about the anklet sound and finally he saw the girl who was wearing an anklet. He startled by looking at her, as she was very lucrative and looking an angel. She gave a smile at him and disappeared abruptly with out a word. But, there was an anklet which was on the ground, he took into his hand and it was shinning very brightly, he slowly dropped it in the pocket.

From that day on wards, his heart was slated with enthusiasm and desperately waiting for the dusk to descend, such that he can see her because she was only the girl who smiled at him. However, she din't turn up that day, he sat all the night anxiously to see her and simultaneously staring at the anklet in his hand. Some days passed on, he tried to move on with his boring life and felt deprived. He conveyed to his mother what he felt in his heart and was tattered badly this time. The words spoke by his mother pierced in his heart are " You are one among millions, you are lucky because your inner feeling were outmatched by today's misconception feelings which others are thinking as the perfect one and your's a deceiving one but your feelings are precious and impeccable" after listening he gave a though at it.

One fine day, he came through a mesmerizing moment in his life which he din't expect, it was the girl with an anklet, whom he saw in the park and thought for a while and assumed that she isn't here for me.  Fortunately, she uttered a word with him it was "Hello" and he replied with "hi", she did really looked like an angel from closer view. She asked him "wanna be my friend" because I haven't got one who is like you and with pleasure "Yes, I will, I don't have friend who is girl" he replied. He returned the anklet which he found on the ground that day and asked her are u from this world ? she replied "I am from Heaven", he din't uttered any words after hearing to what she said. she told him, I descended from heaven to make a beautiful friend and want to spend my time with him. He suddenly asked "Why did u choose me ? because I don't how to communicate with girls neither make them comfortable around me, she laughed and sighed, you possess pure inner feelings and thoughts, which I din't find in anyone of them. He recalled the sentence which his mom said earlier and was very glad to hear such words from an angel and they became friends. Later, he had great time with angel everyday and was blissful for the rest of his life. The strange thing is the angel din't go back to heaven because his caring was so affectionate that she almost forgot from where she came and she felt that the boy's love towards girl is a real heaven for a girl.

The love which is being showered by the dear or loved ones is eminent and can't be crushed by other forces which they try to ruin it. If you have such a person in your life then you are the most luckiest one. Lastly, love is a very beautiful word please don't try to tamper the significance of it.



The transformation will take place in every person’s life, it is inevitable at some point of time and which will pave a path for better living. It occurs at a tardily pace by providing the time for you have to gear up to accept it, if you can’t mould then it isn’t possible to proceed in the game of life.  The challenges which are put forward before you play a vital role in transforming oneself into the one with better scope. It entirely depends upon ourselves, on how we wish to turn in after passing through this stage. Because the change that is taking place shouldn't alter character, as the person can be judged based on character which you possess. There is axiom citing that “If one loses wealth it can be regained but, if one loses character then everything is lost”. I believe in that quote and it is immaculate. 

There are few incidents in my life, where I was transformed into a successful person from an abortive. For an instance, in my high schools days, I was passionate towards sports and I wasn’t much into studies but, there was a challenge in the near future which was desperately waiting for me, to which I didn’t give much attention. But, the time has descended for the transformation which was about to alter my dedication towards education; I had to accept it and wasn’t I happy as there was no alternative to me. Initially, it was arduous and unmanageable but, when I insisted in myself the word “can”, it became easier and moved along with it. The transformation in you can be brought by a person or by yourself, as you can be the creator of your destiny. It may turn out to be a turning point in your life since, it can bring the skill which rested in you till now or can ruin the life, because mind is the one which is solely responsible for the decision which you opt or what you want to be.

In everyone’s life there are weaknesses and strengths but, the hardest part is transforming the weakness into a firm strength. Since, it can’t happen overnight and will usually take months but, it isn’t unattainable. The commitment and courageousness are prominent to face it. There is always a way to overcome unless u try hard for it, in the interim u feel dejected and embarrassing which will force you to quit it in the middle but, when u go through this stage then, obviously success will be waiting for you. The enthrallment which u feel after succeeding is limitless and u will be unstoppable. I hope everyone would have faced or is facing this one i.e. “Stage fear” at one point or presently in life but, if u give up by not trying then u can’t surmount at later part of time. As I have seen many people who has been facing this one but, only few are turning up to overwhelm it and while others giving up by not changing. They realize at the later part and start repenting about their past, at that instant, they think that I should have done it before. The interesting fact about transformation is, it has nothing to do with religion, caste or wealth because it all depends upon the person especially his inner thing. Transformation is a powerful tool which has a capability to turn a person into successful or unsuccessful one, I say that it is a part of the life and has its own way.



"Pedave Palikina Matallone Teeyani Mate Ama 
kadile devata ama kantiki veloogama tanalo mamate kalipi pedootoondi moodaga tana lali pataloni sarigama panchootoondi prema madhoorima"

I'm the luckiest person on the planet because, I have my mom beside me always when ever I was desperate for help, inspiration and best friend. It won't be enough, even though I am conveying about my mom (amma) in the preceding sentences, most of the people feel dejected and keeps on reiterating that, I'm not the luckiest person, even if they have mom(amma) behind them all the time because they haven't achieved what they thought. The lyrics which I mentioned earlier are absolutely true and flawless, which described about mom (amma) in an enchanting way and what she feel about her son or daughter. The day she can't forget is her son or daughter birthday, until the day she is no more in the world. I still  remember the days when she used to have tears in her eyes, when I was studying my First class because I had to stay in visakhapatnam and she in Hyderabad, I wasn't able to feel her affection at that point of time. As the years passed, the gap between my mom and me got diminished, she has sacrificed her comfortable life to nurture me, as I wasn't focusing on my studies. In the beginning she thought that, will my son be able to pursue degree but, today, she proudly says that my son is an "ENGINEER". It was her dream to see me as an engineer and start to live on my own. Behind this successful achievement lies a mournful story, in my sixth class, I failed in final examination then the next day my mom has resigned her job even though she was eminent in the company because my future was at stake. After she left the job, we faced financial hindrances and it continued 3 years, during this interim she faced many nightmares and obstacles, these din't shatter her will power in turn they made her more firmed. She used to work like a machine at day and night to give comfort to me such that, I can work hard, she din't cared about herself. Everyone used to say to my mom in a sarcastic manner that, can your son be an engineer and was being humiliated all the time. She din't got any moral support but, she fought back against all the odd and carved me like a precious diamond from a carbon.

Mom(Amma) kept ingeminating that, "Never let yourself down in difficult circumstances try to be positive minded, then you will come out with flying colors". The love she pours on me is eternal, there is no way that it would be diminished, I feel mom and dad are the ones who are superior to god. I am always indebted to my mom although, I stand beside her when she needs me, I won't abandon my parents at any cost, if I do, then there is no meaning to my life and I can't forgive myself ever. I see old people walking on their own, travelling in buses, performing menial works and accomplishing their daily things in spite of these hurdles they don't discomfort their ones, I feel emotional and pity towards them. I don't know how can the people leave their parents in old age home and such people don't deserve to be on earth. The parents suffer alot, as there are no dear ones to look after them nor have a chance to enjoy with their nephew or niece, even though they have shelter and food provided my old age homes. They feel that what was the sin I have committed to see myself in this worst condition. The sweetest word is "AMMA" as well as "DAD" these can't be replaced with anything even by elixir. Sometimes parents chide us because we are going in wrong direction it doesn't mean that they don't care us any more, if one thinks in this way then he or she is completely an immature. My mom is so sensitive and emotional whenever I go out she worries about me and will be awake until I return to home, she can't live without me all her hopes are linked with me and I will not discomfort or let down her in anyway. I can't tolerate if anyone points at my mom, she is my angel and shall be forever.......

My sincere advise to all of you is, please don't leave your parents alone, they need you always even though they say u r presence is not necessary but, deep down they love you more than themselves. Be kind to them, no matter what your going through or what they have done to you it is because of them you are able to see the beautiful nature. Let me remind you something which is vital if u have blessing from mom(amma) then their is always success in your life.......I can't live with out my mom


Rejuvenation of my Confidence

It was the day (24 feb 2012) I felt terrible, shattered and worried about my future. I wasn't able to fight back the negativity in my mind which kept on multiplying as the days moved on, I thought this was end of my successful career but my positiveness keeps on thriving that u have the ability to achieve anything u desire. After few weeks from that day I was trying to dampen the negativity in me but, again I faced a situation where I met failure in spite of working hard and others were succeeded because of hap, I felt that this evil (-ve) thing was gaining on me and this time it was even worse. As the time passed, I was the acquiring my confidence bit by bit, as the exams were approaching in blistering way, I have to cope up with my mind and started working hard to achieve good percentage to secure distinction. Fortunately, I did well in my final exams of my graduation and began enjoying with my buddies as it was time to say good bye to all since, the journey of 4 yrs was over, so next day we all visited "Jalavihar" to have fun, it was a fabulous day in life as well as gloomy day because I can't meet all my friends as everyone has their own plans.

The time moved on, it was time for results, I secured distinction in my graduation but I wasn't enjoying in spite of this achievement as I was having a vague idea about my future. The day which boosted my confidence and positiveness was on 22 June 2012 in a gradual manner, I was informed about an organization which is conducting workshop on "Soft Skills" and I gave my name as volunteer in it. I was excited to participate and involve in it completely and I was improving myself by meeting new people who are filled with vitality and zeal to accomplish the work even though the challenges strike at them. Initially, I don't know how this organization can conduct with huge expectation, I was startled, when I heard that this workshop was free of cost for everyone. There was burden on all volunteers to make this workshop a grand success, hence we all were being assigned tasks like interacting with authorities, students, putting banners at various locations and visiting engineering colleges to explain what this workshop is all about. I wasn't feeling stressful and exhausted after accomplishing these tasks but was slated with enthusiasm and energetic because the reason behind it is I was helping others such that they get benefited at the end of this program.

I learned many things in this organization the prominent one was to help others, be optimistic even in difficult times as there is a cite " Have a smile on your face in the tough situation every time then one day u can face the tough situation in a delightful manner ". This organization has enhanced my interpersonal communication skills, ability to focus under pressure, I feel that these two are must for a person. Now, I feel rejuvenated in my inner, I am ready to face any challenge and get the best out of it. I am glad to share the name of the organization which is known for its serving mankind is "SRI SATYA SAI SEVA ORGANIZATION". I am debt to this organization and I take a oath that I will serve mankind in what ever I have. I realized that there will good as well as bad times in life but always be optimistic then for sure you will succeed in life and reach new heights.

This is how my confidence was rejuvenated :)